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Civilization 1 - Adventure Walkthrough Story

1. About the game.
Civilization 1 menu
Sid Meier Civilization 1 is released in 1991 for 16 bit personal computers. It is a turn based strategy game with 2d graphic, that in our days look like big ugly squares. Yet this game is very playable and more interesting than many games released between 2010 and 2015. It is light and the only thing that need is a DOS emulator (like DOS Box) to rum on any computer. Civilization has been called one of the most important strategy games of all time. Back in 90s, when the widest spread games were arcades like packman and space invaders, my brother came at home, throw a diskette and said: "Play this, it's cool". I eagerly launched the game, and was very disappointed to see no moving objects to catch, climb or fire upon. I was cycling around a small island with one militia unit and didn't know know what to do. Then I begun to reed and discover technologies and a new amazing world was revealed to me! In the next years, Civilization evolved, but I never stopped playing Civ 1 occasionally, because I can play it anywhere, even at work.
In short, it is about taking the role of the ruler of a civilization and attempts to build an empire in competition with other rival civilizations. In long, the story begins in a lovely calm day about 6000 years ago.

2. Difficulty
Difficulty defines how well will other civilizations play. It affects their construction box, making it faster for them to build units and buildings with higher difficulty. Also it will affect unrest for me, where more unrest will appear with higher difficulty.

3. The Lonely Settler
lonely settler
I was chosen to lead a group of Chinese people to suitable location, where we can grow and prosper. The year was 4000 BC. We didn't have much knowledge about the world that we live in, except the most basic tools for irrigation and roads. Those days we didn't know that it was even flat. The vast horizons were wide and endless. What was behind those maintain southwest we didn't know yet, but we were to discover soon enough. The sea shore is good location for a city. The wild horses to the north would bring +1 production too. I pressed "m" key to build my first city.

4. First City
first city
There is my first city. It's size is 1(one), which means it have 1 worker. There are 3 main resources: "Production", "Food" and "Trade". Production is used to construct units and buildings. Down left panel shows what the city is producing. Every turn the number of shields will be applied there until the panel is filled with shields. I'll train one militia to explore the lands around. I placed the worker to harness the horse, this will bring more shields and the militia will be produced faster.

5. Luxury, Science and Tax rate
tax rate
All the "Trade" from my cities will be used to generate gold and science. From game menu > "Tax rate" I can change the percentage to spend on either of them. With one city I was having too little trade, so more science would be better. But I also needed every penny to buy the second settler.

6. Exploration begun.
My first military unit was a bunch of peasants with villas and shovels. They packed up and went Southwest. Behind the mountain were hard passable hills. We (I and my units) found a coal resource, again +1 production. This city would become a perfect place for building Wonders later on.
6. Building a settler
Building a settler
Time was passing and we needed to expand. So I ordered the construction of a settler, filled with fruits, wheat and raw materials to send my people to another location. Here is the importance of the "Food" resource. Down left is the Food Storage. Every turn it will be filled with the exceeded food resource, until filled up and then a new worker will appear and the city will become a size of 2(two). To gather more food, I changed my lonely worker location on the grassland. To be able to construct the settler, I need at least 2 workers. If I ware to leave the worker on the horse, the settler would be produced before my second worker appear, and the city would disappear, because all my men would be loaded in the Settler.

7. Discovering Code of Laws
Code of Laws
While I was lingering near the small city, my scientists approached with excitement to inform my they have discovered a new science that will allow us to build Courthouses. I scratched my shaggy head and wondered why should I build it now, but later it would be a very useful building. For now, my wise man would need to do better. Code of Laws require only Alphabet, which we were already familiar with.

8. City growth
City growth
In the year 3640 BC, my capitol was growing. I needed only a little more money to finish the settler construction and settle in the vast plains downwards. The lovely river there would bring additional +1 trade in every square that it flows over.

9. Ruins
When the group moved outside the city, they found an abandoned settlement, we call them ruins. The young world in civ 1 is not so hostile like later versions, but those ruins may hide barbarians, so I should explore them with caution.

10. City Founded
City Founded
After long days and nights travelling, the settlers reached the sweet spot and placed the foundation of my second city. My empire was growing!

11. Mapmaking
While inspecting the second city, I got a word from the scientists, that they have managed to chart the seas and found a way to build boats! There were plenty of lands around, so I wasn't in need of boats yet. Mapmaking require only Alphabet, and it allow the construction of Lighthouse Wonder of the world. The Lighthouse gives +1 movements speed to all sails, but it's effect is cancelable. I shooed the messenger and demanded a better science next time.
12. Expanding North
Expanding North
All my efforts were on exploring and settling. 3 militia units were crossing the lands and all 2 cities were building settlers. A lot of wild horses were inhabiting the plains to the north, witch was very cool.

13. Masonry
In one of the abandoned ruins around, my units found the secret of masonry. This allowed the building of the Palace, which is used to change my capitol city. Capitol is important for reducing corruption. In Civilization game, the corruption will get bigger in cities far away from the capitol, so it would be a good idea the capitol city to be situated in the centre of the empire. Another useful building is the City Walls - it will increase the defence of defending unit in the city with 50%. Next is the great world wonder of The Pyramids, in Civ 1 Pyramids gives the ability to adopt any of the available governments, without being cancelled in time. The Great Wall wonder makes rival civilizations to always want to make peace.

14. First defensive unit
First defensive unit
After the discovery of Bronze Working we were able to train Phalanx unit. They are the first guardian units with +2 defense. I ordered the training in my second city. The capitol was already building the Pyramids with not good defense at all. I could afford that in the first ages.

15. Cities near river
Cities near river
I finally managed to send the settlers near the lovely river to the south. There were no special resources near it, but the river itself is a good enough resource. Also cities with rivers around do not require Aqueducts to grow beyond size of 10. A measurement for good development is to have 3 cities before the year 300 BC.

16. Ceremonial Burial
Ceremonial Burial
One day the elders gathered and decided that there is more beyond our simple mortal life. This was the beginning of culture and tradition. We were able now to build Temples, which make people happier. It is very important building in harder difficulties.

17. Barbarians!
In the year 2820 BC, we found the first barbarians to the North. They were hidden in the abandoned ruin near the shore. That militia unit was lost in the name of the exploration of the world.

18. Defense against barbarians
Defense against barbarians
After the overwhelming ride, some of the horsemen reached the borders of the city. The villagers were astound to see them riding horses. But this didn't scare me much, I ordered the Phalanx to take defensive position in the forests near the city. Forests gives +25% defense, it was nothing to worry about. 

19. Exploring to the North
A few years later A whole we were spreading to the north with a spare Phalanax, a Legion with +3 attack and a settler, looking for good city location.

20. Writing
One day, the wise men showed me a peace of stone with some scribbles on it. We finally were able to write. This allowed building of Libraries, and Diplomats. And Diplomats, were the best unit in my whole army, if I had enough money to utilise this strategy. They can bribe rival units, spy on cities, steal technologies, establish embassies and conquer other cities peacefully.

21. Mining
The empire was growing. After the fifth city, I enrolled a settler to build improvements in the closest fields. It is a demanding errand, because settler support demand one food on Despotism government and 2 food and a shield on Republic. The improvements are roads - units move 3 times more over them. Irrigations - bring +1 food. Mines - +1 shield. My first mine was on that Coal resource, it would help the Pyramids to be finished faster. Also If a catch the defenseless diplomat with my Militia, it will give me 100 gold.
22. More barbarian rides
More barbarian rides
2000 BC were restless times. There ware barbarians landing from everywhere, trying to conquer the peripheral cities. I might as well loose that naked city, with only 11 gold in the treasury, not able to buy the defence.
23. The Wheel
The Wheel
We took some efforts to discover one of the most important ancient advances, the wheel. It allow us to build Chariots, they move 2 squares(6 on roads) and have +4 attack. In time, every city would have one Chariot to defend against rival rides. He will maneuver то cough the attackers in plains around the city and not defending it.
24. First Granary
First Granary
After long hard work, the second city in my glorious empire built the first Granary. Granaries help the city to grow faster, by reducing the necessary food by half. It also need one gold for maintenance, I had to make a good balance in buildings and income.
25. Met Babylonians
Met Babylonians
Getting close to 1500 BC, far to the west, my scouts met another civilization exploring the unknown world. They were peaceful and we were excited to meet new culture. We could also exchange technologies. They were the green player.
26. City is Growing
City is Growing
I visited the capitol to see how things were going. 3 workers were harnessing the best nearby squares. The Pyramids were half finished, 7 shield of production were excellent achievement. The food though was only +1.
27. Rival Cities
Rival Cities
I took a break to analyse the map. My explorers were exhausted or destroyed. I wrote an imaginary border of my empire to the west. To the east, north and south there were the ocean. The last surviving militia from the capitol fortified itself to a key location to prevent the green player's settlers to settle to the east.

28. Met French
Met French
Meanwhile we met another civilization unit, sneaking near Babylonian cities. That was the blue player. I was wondering how were that civilizations doing, but I needed a Diplomat first.

29. First Barracks
First Barracks
Having met 2 rival civilizations, I ordered the construction of the barracks. From there on,  my second city would train veteran military units. They need one gold maintenance too, so I hardly build more than one Barracks throughout the empire. I actually was building the strategy for more diplomatic conquest, where possible ofcource.

30. The Pyramids
The Pyramids
In the year 1650 BC, we finally built the Pyramids. All other ancient wonders, except the Hanging Gardens, were constructed be the other civilizations.

31. First Chariot
First Chariot
Back in the mainlands, there were two more cities and 3 of the old ones were connected with roads. Some lands were irrigated too. And the roads were guarded by a happy Chariot. He could cover the defense of all 3 connected cities.

32. Construction
Some of these days we discovered Construction. We were able then to build Aqueducts and Colosseums, which reduce unrest in cities. Construction advance requires Masonry and Currency.

33. Insolent barbarian
Insolent barbarian
I founded a city in the heart of the mountains. It would not grow much, but it would be a production city. There I'd train the diplomats. Unfortunately, far from the northern wilds came barbarian rider. The defending chariot left the roads and rushed to save my men.

34. First Trireme
First Trireme
After some peaceful years we managed to construct the first Trireme. and set sail to explore the oceans. It was a basic sailing unit, that can not go deep in the oceans, but chart the shores.

35. First MarketPlace
First MarketPlace
Finally it was time for shopping. MarketPlaces increase gold income of the city with 50%, thus making it a tasty building.

36. Content and unhappy citizens
Content and unhappy citizens
Inspecting the second largest city, the one near the river, I found that some of its inhabitants are unhappy(upleft corner). Unhappy citizens appear with city growth, empire spread and supporting units outside the city. For the time being it was fine, because there was one entertainer worker to cover the unhappy one. But construction of the Temple was immanent.
37. Babylonian lands
Babylonian lands
It was almost 1000 BC. The empire was doing well and plenty of spare production was at hand. Random units were exploring the green player's lands when they came across unknown purple trireme unit. These lands were crowding with intelligent life.
38. Civil Disorder
Civil DisorderCivil Disorder in city
Then, the happy times were over. With more than 10 cities wide empire and 4 population in a city, the people begun rebelling. I finished the construction of the Temple with the money from the treasury. In the upcoming times, buying buildings will be often.

39. Forming Borders
Forming Borders
We reached the frontier with army of settlers. I had to place the cities strategically in the plains for the upcoming years it may be ground for great battles.

40. Hurrying to get lands
Hurrying to get lands
The southwest part of the map was almost all inhabited. I needed to make haste to the north and settle in as many lands before a conflict sprouts. We all know human nature, one day they

41. Three Fishes
Three Fishes
Up to the north we found a suitable location for a town, it would not become too good with so less land but it would be cool for fishing.

42. Bridge Building
Bridge Building
It was almost the new era, when the wise men discovered the bridge building. By then roads couldn't be constructed over rivers.

43. Met Romans
Met Romans
Exploring deeper to the northwest, we men the Roman empire, white player. The free lands were getting less and less.

44. Change to Republic
Change to Republic
A little before the new millennium, I finally entered the empire be ruled by republic government. Some of the cities were not ready yet, with no single irrigation around, but I needed the good money.

45. Republic Output
Republic Output
Republic government brought a lot unrest. Also all units now require one shield support. The trade arrows though were more.
45. First Colosseum
First Colosseum
The unrest was exponentially increasing. I was forced to begin construction of Colosseums in almost all cities. It makes 3 unhappy citizens content, it have immense maintenance, -4 gold!

46. Invention
On a lovely summer day, the wise men discovered the Invention.  It requires Engineering and Literacy.

47. First Sail
First Sail
A few more year in quiet development we were able to construct our first Sail. The oceans were not so scary as before and we could reach new continents. Sails can also transport more units than the Triremes.

48. First Diplomat
First Diplomat
A few years later the first Diplomat came to live. It's first task was to reach the borders and find a suitable task. The city in the mountains would train only diplomats in the coming years ahead.
49. Settler from NONE
Settler from NONE
When the diplomats reached the west border, the Babylonians were seized all good lands and it was time for entrenchment. Further in their lands I found a hard working settler. The money saved did the excellent job and I bribed it. The cool think is that if in rival zones of control, the bribed units require no support, i.e. they are from NONE.

50. Copernicus' Observatory
Copernicus' Observatory
A bold try to build the observatory in one of the latest cities was successful. It gives +50% science in that city.

52. Banking
Later on we discovered Banking, allowing building banks in cities. I was behind schedule and no city was good enough for bank right then. Banking require Trade and The Republic.

53. First Library
First Library
On a cloudy day, we gathered in my best city to celebrate construction of the first library. Libraries give +50% science in the city it is built.

54. Expansion to the West
Expansion to the West
I have a nasty habit to build a city in the heart of rival empires to spy on them. That cities are not meant to become for civil livings but just safe ground for exploring troops and diplomats. Also the lands over the by were still wild, only that Roman city Nicopolis was somewhat not in place.

56. Small war
Small war
At some point the green player attacked me. I bribed a chariot or two, then they sued for peace. Just enough to know their government was Republic too. Republic governments are not very hostile, I just watch when they change it and get sense they may be up for a sneak attack.
 58. Diplomat Actions
Diplomat Actions
There are the available actions for the diplomats. Establish Embassy will give my information, how other civilizations are doing, science, money, government and wars they are in. Investigate City will show the rival city screen and consume the diplomat. Steal Technology is very useful - only one such action from a city. Industrial Sabotage is useful if I need to collapse the city walls before attacks. Incite a Revolt will make the city mine, if the government is not Democratic, and have enough money at hand.

59. Gunpowder
During 600 AD(far before the real discovery), a word came to me that one of the alchemists through the empire have made a strange explosive mixture, leading the discovery of Gunpowder. We could build Musketeers now, defensive units with 3 defence strength. Gunpowder require Invention and Iron Working.

60. Conquered city
Conquered city
In the recent years, some changes were made on the political map. We seized the northwest part of the continent, as well as Nicopolis city. The french ware moving there too searching for new city location. They made one, but it didn't last for too long. Babylonians were constantly breaking the peace and the musketeers were too expensive for bribery. There were intense times.

61. West end of the continent
West end of the continent
Avoiding all military units, one of my diplomats managed to chart the west end of the continent. Everyone was fighting everyone there.

62. Steam Engine
Steam Engine
With the discovery of steam engine we were able to construct Ironclads. They can not transport units but were the best naval unit for the times. Steam Engine require Physics and Invention.
63. New Threat from the east
New Threat from the east
I was busy handling the west frontier when suddenly a new big threat appear from the east. A yellow Ironclad was melting the old defensive units in my coastal cities. I took some time, while I gather the money and ambush the clad to bribe it. No unit could stand it by that time.

64. Found new continent
Found new continent
Immediately after the bribery I sent the Ironclad to check where the attacks come from. We discovered a whole new continent and well developed civilization, but still couldn't make contact with them. 
65. Catapults
Back on the mainland we were still fighting with catapults and ancient machines. They were the best land attackers yet.

66. Continental mission
Continental mission
It was time to dispatch a Small squad to the east for exploration and spying. I loaded two old volunteer Phalanx on a ship, and set sails to the new continent.

67. Coastal battles
Coastal battles
The yellow player of cource was defending its coasts. Where did he take all this production for Ironclads was mystery. Either way, the exploration mission was defended by Ironclad of mine.

68. Storming wave
Storming wave
With the new yellow threat I had to deal with the old one. The green was continuing to break the peace and make it, destroying key unprotected workers and sentries, where he decides. So it was time to me to decide where battle would be led and make the lands peaceful again. All frontier cities begun to construct catapults, a few years later 3 of them were marching the plains and more were coming.

69. Landed successfully
Landed successfully
Meanwhile My men managed to land on the new continent and begun exploration. At first the lands looked wild enough.
70. City conquered
rival cityCity conquered
In 1300, one of the green player city fell. New government was established and the army continued south.

71. Industrialization
With not time to waste we had to improve our industry abilities. Industrialization require Railroad and Banking and gives the Factory improvement which increase production.

72. First Cathedral
First Cathedral
Cathedrals make 4 unhappy citizens content. If I was able to construct the Michelangelo's Chapel wonder, the bonus would be increased. But I had the Magellan's Expedition - +1 movement for water units, and Darwin's Voyage - gives 2 free science upon construction.

73. First Bank
First Bank
During the same year, i paid for the construction of my first bank in my wonderful capitol city, named of course, Planeta 42 :)

74. Building Railroads
Building Railroads
Then, it was time to begin building the railroads. First task was to connect all cities with single line, then over irrigated areas and mines. Over railroad units do not take turn and can move forever, except if passing through a city, that's why а roundabout rail is a good idea.

75. First Factory
First Factory
I let one of my cities to build the factory. It gives +50 production in that city, but make too much pollution, later on I sold it. My empire, beside pacifistic, was as environmental, as possible.

76. Finally the Aqueduct
Finally the Aqueduct
The same year, the people begun overcrowding the city, making it size 10. To grow above 10, they needed an Aqueduct, which was finished in no time with the money from the treasury.

77. First Courthouse
First Courthouse
I was busy with logistic, when one of the peripheral cities constructed its first Courthouse, as we know, they reduce corruption. Upon construction, the money there from +5, become +9, and its maintenance is 1, so +3 clean, having in mind it wasn't very big city.

78. Diplomat exploring
Diplomat exploring
It was 1400 AD, the green player was too well defended to try his cities, so only scattered forces were holding positions messing with the production and growth. I finally found the cities of the blue player and one diplomat was entering the uncharted deserts to the southwest. The Ironclad was victim of a bribery and the treasury was almost empty again.

79. Dangerous landings
Dangerous landings
One of these days, the Aztec landed on my main continent, making scary threats and destroying improvements. I was in desperate need of that connecting railroads, because in the coming years they wouldn't stop landing there, not after I put some defense in the seas.

80. Metallurgy
With the discovery of the Metallurgy, I was able to train Cannons - attack 8, and had more chances with the defence of the Babylonians and Aztec rides. It require Gunpowder and University.

81. Defending Japan
Defending Japan
The next land from the yellow was not so unexpected. The bad thing was they had already have Riflemen, which meant they are far ahead of science from me. The good think was the Riflemen were defending units, so the Musketeers had to stop them, while the diplomats come to help.

82. Caravans
Caravanscaravan arrived
There was another important task I should pay attention. Building Caravans and sending them to a distant cities to establish trade roots. Every city can have up to 3 trade roots with another different cities. The far the city, the more the money they bring.

83. First Cannon
First Cannon
With the cannons at my disposal, a could now easily defend my lands.

85. Counter Ride
Counter Ride
A few years after the Aztec landed near my island city, I gathered a good squad and it was time for a counter ride. The Ironclad was defending the way, and the diplomats ready to revolt one of the rival cities, everyone else was for defense.

86. Exploring Africa
Exploring AfricaExploring Africa sea
The main lands were quite large, they included 3 continents.

87. Exploring America
Exploring America
The other landmas consisted of two continents . There were only Aztec, lucky them.

88. Met Aztec
Met Aztec
Finally I met the Aztec authority. And they were quite hostile, making demands and threats.
89. Late ruins
Late ruins
There were still unexplored abandoned ruins in the south part of the main land. There I found a formed city. Later it would fall under barbarian preasure.
89. lol Armor
Armor unit
In 1530 AD, while my poor chariot was wiggling Aztec lands, they reported a strange metal machine with pointing cylinder on it. It was the Armor, the best overall unit with 10 attack,  5 Defense and 3 movements. Bribing it was expensive, but not impossible.

90. Bribed Barbarians
Bribed Barbarians
Back in Africa, I bribed some barbarians.
91. Steel
With the discovery of steel, I was ready for full military actions. The Battleship, which is the toughest unit in the game, would defend the oceans, as well as clean the defense of coastal cities. Also, when battleships attack cities with no City Walls, they do not reduce population. Steel require Metallurgy and Industrialization.

92. Automoblie
Not long after that my scientists learned to build those strange metal machines. Automobile give the Armor unit and require Combustion and Steel.

93. The last straw
The last straw
The green player have made the last snake attack, I begun preparing the army and the diplomats and refused any further meeting with them. With the railroad connection advancing, the Automobile discovered, and enough money in the treasury, I would be unstoppable.

94. Got enough money
Got enough money
On the east front, I managed to save enough money to buy one of the Aztec cities. I targeted the key city that connect the 2 continents and allow passage of naval units from the other side. It's extremely useful, like the real Panama Canal.
95. lol Sciences
lol Sciences
When the authority changed, I coughed some of Aztec wise men, and what I learned was really horrible, they were way much ahead in science than me! I had to gather my resources and prepare for anything.
96. Going Offensive
Going Offensive
It was time to deal with the main continent so my hands would be free to handle the Aztec. The thing was that the Diplomats can not bribe capitols so there military force was needed.

97. Pollution
There came the first pollution. It is bad, because at some point it spread to the working squares, making them almost unusable. And if there is a lot of pollution for a long time, we could damage the weather, witch result in changing the terrain to deserts.

98. Defenceless City
Defenceless City
In the next year, the green player was conquered and we moved southwest.

99. Multiple Rides
Multiple Rides
Back to America, we managed to capture another yellow player city with a battleship harassment and landing unit. We had to choose te get another science from them.

100. Advanced Flight
Advanced Flight
We discovered Advanced flight, that requires Flight and Electricity. It allows building Bombers - strong attacking unit that have to return in a city after attack, and Carriers - they can transport air units and act like cities for them.

101. Spread in Africa
Spread in Africa
The blue player was forced to move from Europe to Africa. Because they ware late built, the cities there wasn't well developed and easy pray for the Diplomats and supporting Armors. Though the blues were week, they were strangely aggressive, and if not I would let them exist and bribe just settlers from NONE.

102. Diversion
On the east, the Aztec were constantly trying to return their city. At some point they did, but it was all diversion there to keep them busy while I settle the things in the main land.
103. Many Settlers
Many Settlers
When the food supply was big enough, I begun a campaign of building a lot of settlers to clean pollution, and build improvements as fast as possible and  then disbanding them.

104. Colossus
One of those days we captured the blue player city with the Colossus world wander. It gives one trade per square in the city it is built, but its effect was long been canceled.

105. Fall of Roman empire
Fall of Roman empire
It was time to embrace the Romans. We also find the purple player with one single city. They both weren't very developed and not much trouble.

106. Railroad Connection
Railroad Connection
By the year 1655, all my cities in the mainland were connected with railroads. I no longer needed defense units in them, being able to move the Armors for one turn and Republic not demanding a military unit to make people content, like other governments like Despotism, Monarchy or Communism.

107. Recapturing
On the east, when the Aztec returned Ticoman, I made another sneaky ride to get another science from them.

108. Main Continent
Main Continent
In the year 1675, the main continents as wall mine. 
109. Domestic bloom
Domestic bloom
Next few years was so peaceful, every city was making only caravans for trade, and the settlers building roads and irritations to feed the population. More and more cities were becoming well developed centres with over 10 population.

110. Gold income
Gold income
A quick reference to my gold income. It still could be improved.
111. Trade roots
Trade roots
There is a city with 3 trade roots. Mass transit building is in construction process to clean all those pollution there.

112. Islands
The islands to the south were all utilised as well.
113. Love Day
Love Day
Then one day, in one of my cities, the people decided to celebrate the fortunate life and their good leader. It was the opposing of civil disorder event.

114. Robotics
One of the latest technologies was Robotics. It require Plastics and Computers and allow building the Artillery unit, which have the best land attack value in game.
115. Taking position
Taking position
Beside the prosperous life in the mainland, we were taking positions in the new continent to face the yellow player threat. We utilised a lovely gold resource.

116. Too much preasure
Too much preasure
The Azte were restles and continue pushing with ships, Bombers, tanks, mechanized infantries and artileries. The bombers were chasing my battleships, weakening the naval support. There was a little setback in the conquest plans. The purple was just watching the intes battles with an old trireme unit.

117. Contact with the Aztec
When we met with the Aztec king we found out they were still on Despotism government. And yet they were very advanced and always demanding me money.

118. Army count
Army count
A quick reference to my army.

119. South America
South America
After the last set back, we lost the Panama city, but were eble to sneak a diplomat and bribe everything in South America.

120. Another Sneak attack
The purple decided to crush me. So I responded in kind.

121. The Castle
The Castle
A nice view of my castle.

122. Nuclear Weapons
Nuclear Weapons
In 1850, the yellow player get pissed off my overwhelming tactic and used a bomb on one of my cities. Nuclear weapons destroy all defense in the city, reduce it size by half and all lands around become polluted. It would take many ears to regain the glory of that city.

123. Response
In response, I gathered all diplomats and advanced in the rival lands. They continued to use bombs over their own cities , but that didn't do much, I was keeping the diplomats away from the blast radius and the enormous resource of cities on the mainland were giving plenty of gold.

124. Inside rival lands
Inside rival lands
In the next years the war continued with maximum intensity. I was searching for the cities where nuclear missile are produced, but that cost the loss of many diplomats.

125. Last Stand
Last Stand
Around 1867, the last big city was going to fall. The big war over and it was time to make final look over my glorious empire.

126. Hardy settlers
Hardy settlers
The settlers were quickly improving the newly settled lands.

126. Gold City
Gold City
One of the cities was generating tremendous amount of gold.

126. Apollo Program
Apollo Program
And in the year 1869 we built the Apollo Program, which allows the construction of a space ship. If the rival players weren't so aggressive, I could try to build the ship, launch it and win the game.

127. Victory!

Finally we were victoriuos!

126. Land Map
Civilization Big Map
There is a full land map of the empire

126. Replay Movie 

Also check the stand alone descriptive screenshots from the Best Games Ever Screens.
Author of the picture story: Ogo Bob, Planeta 42 inhabitant.


  1. >When we met with the Aztec king we found out they have switched to Communism.
    This is Despotism/Anarchy lategame leader screen, not communism.

  2. Aah yes! I fixed that. The uniforms misled me :)